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Feline Frenzy

To all my feline-lover friends out there, Happy International Cat Day!!! This holiday is meant to spread awareness to the over 500 million feral cats worldwide. As a proud cat mom of two orange boys, I have to say, I approve of this unofficial holiday, and it gave me a great excuse to look into new cat puzzles. I have done so many cat puzzles over the years and probably get gifted one every holiday…CONTINUE READING

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Puzzle I Redo

As with many puzzlers, I get excited when purchasing a new puzzle. When I started my Youtube channel, I had a nicely manageable collection of about 20 puzzles. However, my collection quickly grew, and my to-do pile is well over 100 puzzles. The thought of redoing a puzzle seems wild to me at times. With so many fun images, new brands, and various styles to explore, it is hard to justify doing a puzzle again after it has already been completed. However, several in my collection stand out, and I have done them several times or plan on redoing them again. Here are some common things I see among these prized puzzles that I want to keep in mind when purchasing puzzles in the future. Maybe this is something that may help you when deciding to purchase your next puzzle.CONTINUE READING

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Happy Flag Day

Have you ever stumbled across an article or list on social media that resembles “Things Europeans think are weird about the US”. On many of these lists they often point to our obsession with the American flag. “Patriotism isn't quite as strong in most European countries, and even when it is, people don't necessarily have the same attachment to their national flag.”  CONTINUE READING

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Moving is considered the third most stressful life event, following dealing with death, and dealing with a divorce. I have moved over a dozen times in my adult life, from small moves across towns to several cross-country moves. The past few months, my husband and I have been dealing with a relatively large move from southern California to the Pacific North West in Washington state. I won’t go into all the details of planning, selling our house, living in temporary housing or how we were given a 10-day window to get everything done. CONTINUE READING

Do you ever have those moments when you just don’t have the desire to puzzle? This is what I call a Puzzle Rut; when I just don’t want to puzzle and nothing in my collection is calling out to me. I was in a Puzzle Rut recently and I thought I’d share how I got out of my funk and back to the puzzle table. CONTINUE READING

Hey there, I’m Emilee, one of the new ambassadors with Puzzle Warehouse and I’m excited to share with you my first blog post! I have been puzzling since I was teeny tiny and in the past couple of years have discovered the puzzling community on social media when I started my YouTube channel, The Casual Puzzler. One thing you should probably know about me and what explains a lot about my personality, is that my upbringing was unconventional. CONTINUE READING

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