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What’s the largest puzzle you have ever put together on your own? 1000 pieces? 2000? 4000? Even more? Previously, the largest puzzle I had ever completed was 4000 pieces, but I decided it was time to up my game. I always chose my high-piece count puzzles very carefully so that I won’t get discouraged while working on them, and when I saw this 6,000 piece puzzle, titled Downtown from Clementoni, I knew it was the one. I really love artwork by Ciro Marchetti (see my artist spotlight), I knew I liked the quality of the brand Clementoni, and, most importantly, it looked like there was enough variety in the image for me to be able to finish it at such a large size...CONTINUE READING

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Lisa Parker Puzzles

Cool breezes and crisp fall smells are always fantastic this time of year, and I can’t get enough of the seasonal decor, including the hints of magic during the spooky season. So it is perhaps no surprise that I frequently turn to puzzles with art by a self-proclaimed “animal artist with a magical twist:” Lisa Parker! So many of Lisa Parker’s puzzles emanate those fall feelings that I love so much, and I found myself doing quite a few of them this year, including a few new releases... CONTINUE READING

scales and tails

It’s hard to deny a good cat or dog puzzle, but do you struggle with all that fur? For a change of pace, I decided to try out some scales instead and picked up some puzzles featuring reptiles. I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time with reptiles when I worked on my PhD, which focused on the impacts of stress in lizards. (Yes, lizards get stressed out too!)…CONTINUE READING

Darrel Bush Spotlight

The summer months are a perfect time to visit the lake, sit on the dock or take out a canoe, and finish out the day with s'mores around a campfire. Although the opportunities to actually go to the lake may not be as frequent as I would like, I really enjoy reminiscing about days on the lake and feeling the lake vibes with the fabulous artwork of Darrell Bush. Buffalo Games carries quite a few puzzles with his art, and it is perhaps no surprise that I have amassed quite a few of them! …CONTINUE READING

Puzzling the Cosmos

The night sky is full of mysteries and wonder, and stunning images from space crafts and observatories—including the new James Webb Telescope—have only fueled our imaginations. I’ve always enjoyed seeing these images and hearing stories, real or imagined, of people traveling beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. I was even one of 12,000 people to apply to be an astronaut in 2021! But since that didn’t pan out, I decided to take a tour of the universe through puzzles...CONTINUE READING

As we head into summer in the northern hemisphere, it is perhaps not surprising that folks are itching to spend time out in the sunshine and travel! Here on the Jigsaw Junkies blog, we’ve recently toured Paris and London, and I’m here to continue our European tour with another iconic city: Barcelona! I was fortunate enough to travel to Spain about fifteen years ago, and I’ve enjoyed reliving my travels through puzzles.  CONTINUE READING

Many of my puzzle friends have amassed an impressive collection of jigsaw puzzles, but for many of us, puzzles are just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it’s craft supplies or action figures, dolls or items from your travels (all of the above?), but the urge to collect things can be very real. CONTINUE READING

Air and water ships, old castles and ruins, steampunk machinery, and plenty of animals for good measure. What’s not to love? These common elements are just some of the reasons why I find myself frequently coming back to puzzles with artwork by Ciro Marchetti. According to my puzzle tracking spreadsheet (yes, I have one of those!), I have put together more than fifteen different puzzles featuring his artwork and have quite a few more in the to-do pile! CONTINUE READING

It was always the best news when us kids learned we were going to that one pizza place with the mini-arcade in the back. What better combination than stuffed crust and slashing through the foot clan as our favorite Ninja Turtles? Even though that pizza place is long gone, the allure of arcades is still strong. My local options are disappointingly nonexistent, which is surprising considering I live in a college town (how is there not a barcade!?). CONTINUE READING

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