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Many of my puzzle friends have amassed an impressive collection of jigsaw puzzles, but for many of us, puzzles are just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it’s craft supplies or action figures, dolls or items from your travels (all of the above?), but the urge to collect things can be very real. CONTINUE READING

Air and water ships, old castles and ruins, steampunk machinery, and plenty of animals for good measure. What’s not to love? These common elements are just some of the reasons why I find myself frequently coming back to puzzles with artwork by Ciro Marchetti. According to my puzzle tracking spreadsheet (yes, I have one of those!), I have put together more than fifteen different puzzles featuring his artwork and have quite a few more in the to-do pile! CONTINUE READING

It was always the best news when us kids learned we were going to that one pizza place with the mini-arcade in the back. What better combination than stuffed crust and slashing through the foot clan as our favorite Ninja Turtles? Even though that pizza place is long gone, the allure of arcades is still strong. My local options are disappointingly nonexistent, which is surprising considering I live in a college town (how is there not a barcade!?). CONTINUE READING

Hi all! My name is Gail and I’m thrilled to be a 2023 Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador! By day I write about science, but my evenings are usually filled with diamond painting, paper crafts, and of course lots and lots of puzzles! I currently live in Pennsylvania, so this time of year is what I think of as peak blanket season. At home, I am sure to be found under a fuzzy blanket with tea or hot chocolate in hand. CONTINUE READING


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