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Remember boom boxes, walk mans, and pagers?  How about a time when Nirvana wasn’t considered Classic Rock?  I know I’m totally dating myself with this post, but I don’t care. I think that I grew up in the best era ever! Neon, fanny packs, I could go on and on. In high school, we didn’t have cell phones, we took a piece of notebook paper, wrote a note on it and folded it up in creative little ways to give to our friends. CONTINUE READING

Hello Fellow puzzle enthusiasts!!! My name is Jaime and I’m super excited to have been selected as Puzzle Warehouse’s 2023 Jigsaw Junkie Puzzle Ambassador. Yay! This blog is all about why you should buy more puzzles…but, before I go on and give you a gazillion reasons why you “need” (that’s right, need) more puzzles, I wanted to introduce myself.  I’m an introverted and quirky puzzler born and raised in New Jersey, but live in sunny Florida. CONTINUE READING


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