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Are puzzle accessories necessary for a great puzzling experience? Can’t you just dump a puzzle out and get going? Picture this – You are sitting at your dining room table. It’s nap time for the kids and you’ve got a little bit of time, so you grab your favorite hot beverage and a brand new puzzle. You dump your puzzle on to the table and decide to start sorting out your pieces by grabbing the edges and forming the perfect little piles of sections you want to target. CONTINUE READING

Hey Puzzle Pals! My name is Jes and I am a puzzle enthusiast who was thrilled to be chosen as a Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador for 2023. You may know me from Instagram over at @PiecefulPuzzling , but if you don’t – Hi! Nice to meet you! I am a millennial mom of two tiny humans from Connecticut and I am so looking forward to writing up some blogs for you this year. Given the state of the weather here, I thought I’d write my first post on how I spend my winters. CONTINUE READING

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