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Create Your Own Advent Calendar

Happy November puzzle friends! It is officially Marwa’s favorite time of the year! The days are thankfully shorter, the nights are wonderfully longer, the air is chillier, and all the holidays are coming at us with all their joy, beauty, magic, and sparkling lights. It is quite literally the most wonderful time of the year.

One of the holidays coming up is Christmas, and boy do I LOVE all things Christmas! One of the many things I adore about Christmas is… you guessed it! Advent calendars. Let’s do a mini crash course on the history of advent calendars. The word 'Advent' is derived from the Latin word for 'coming'. Advent calendars can be traced back to the 19th century when families would mark every day in December until Christmas Eve with a chalk line. Now that we did some learning, let’s get to the creativity I’m about to share with you...CONTINUE READING

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Happy October puzzle friends! Guess what? I am NOT going to talk about Halloween puzzles. Threw ya for a loop there, didn’t I? We are going to talk about one of my favorite styles of puzzles that make me smile big every single time I do them. Glow in the dark puzzles! For the next few minutes I am going to geek out about puzzles that glow, and I hope by the end, you’ll be heading over to the Puzzle Warehouse site and filling your cart with all the glowy puzzles your heart desires...CONTINUE READING

Fall into Football

Fall Into Football Season! Go Patriots!
🎶 I've been waiting all day for Sunday night 🎶 If you read this line, and sang it with the mental image of Carrie Underwood dancing in your brain, then YOU are my people. If you didn’t have that mental image, then you’re here to read about puzzles, and that makes YOU my people, too! Yup, you guessed it. I am going to nerd out on football themed puzzles with you today. Go New England Patriots! 

Football season is upon us! Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights just got so exciting again. Bring out the chips, salsa, chili, friendly rivalry, and most importantly… bring out the puzzles! ...CONTINUE READING


One of the funnest, most age-old questions I noticed people love to ask after the formal “What’s your name?” and “What do you do for work?” is, “What’s your zodiac sign?” The best part is whether you believe in astrology or not, the conversation always turns interesting and entertaining - the comparison of traits amongst signs, compatibility of signs, or the listed traits that either describe you a tee or have it absolutely wrong. Whichever way the pendulum swings, I have always found it so fascinating to talk about astrology and to listen to people passionately take astrological signs to heart... CONTINUE READING

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June gloom is upon us and I must admit… I absolutely LOVE chilly, gloomy, and gray days. It's widely been known that Los Angeles, the place I call home, is all sunshine all the time. This has been true since the dawn of L.A.s inception. What people don’t know is that the last 3-4 years, Los Angeles has had a very gloomy and chilly June. As we speak, the weather has been hovering at 68 degrees. Wanna know a secret? CONTINUE READING

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Happy May fellow puzzlers! We all know what’s coming up on May 14th, right? Well if you don’t know, let me give you a heads up so you can run out and buy the mama in your life a little something… a puzzle perhaps? Mother’s Day is coming up! Now I know Mother’s Day isn’t for everyone so I decided to celebrate the mother of all mother’s this Mother’s Day… Mother Nature. CONTINUE READING

Happy April fellow puzzlers! The sun is shining, the cold is slowly sidestepping itself and allowing the sun to shine brightly and warmly. I don’t know about you, but whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or it's pouring rain I’m always down to puzzle. There isn’t any type of weather that will keep me from putting a puzzle together, and enjoying every single second of it. Do you want to know what always, without fail, elevates my puzzling experience?  CONTINUE READING

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Happy 2023 fellow puzzlers! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I don’t know about you, but I find December to be such a busy month with so many holidays to celebrate, parties to attend, and if you’re lucky like me, your birthday would also land in this magically wonderful yet busy month (I’m a Christmas Eve baby). Finding time in-between the celebrations to do your daily advent puzzles can pose a challenge for some of us. CONTINUE READING

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