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Holy Puzzle, Batman!

Puzzles For Comic Con

For fans of comic books and pop culture, there are two major highlights in the year – the advent of San Diego Comic Con in July, and New York Comic Con in October. As a lifelong comic book fan, I look forward each year to hearing the big announcements and news out of San Diego, but I’ve never had a chance to visit that convention live and in person. New York Comic Con, on the other hand, has been a staple of my October for the last ten years or so...CONTINUE READING

The Elegance of the New Yorker Puzzle

Ahh, September. The last official day of summer may be September 23rd, but let’s face it: the moment the Labor Day cookout ends, the white clothing items are safely stowed away, and the first crisp breeze commences and cools the back of one’s neck – by then, it’s fall for all intents and purposes... CONTINUE READING

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Book Puzzles!

There seems to be quite a bit of crossover between the puzzling community and avid readers. While scrolling through Puzzlegram, I often see folks’ stories about books – especially audiobooks. For the most part, I’ve always been a reader myself, but during the worst days of the pandemic, when the daily news was so bleak, I found it difficult somehow to escape into a book. 

It’s taken until this year for me to get back to my pre-pandemic reading levels, but I’m taking the opportunity this month to celebrate National Book Lovers Day – August 9th – by tackling two particularly bookish puzzles that caught my eye as being super-fun crossovers between these two hobbies that have so enriched my lifeCONTINUE READING

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost halfway through 2023. It feels somehow like I’ve blinked and, bam – it’s June! Around this time last year, I first met my ride-or-die NYC puzzle friends, the Puzzle People of NYC, and this year we’re celebrating the first major one-year milestone. Putting aside that celebration, June is always a favorite month of mine. My birthday is at the end of the month, and the lead-up is Pride Month, the annual fete dedicated to LGBTQIA+ pride, here in New York City and around the world. CONTINUE READING

All eyes will be on London this month in light of King Charles III’s coronation on May 6th, and what better way to mark the occasion – or to simply revel in the beauty and history of this historic city – than through puzzling. In addition to the thrill of discovering new artists or enjoying fun pop culture imagery, I’ve always found that choosing puzzles from faraway places can be a great way to immerse oneself in the visual details of another place.  CONTINUE READING

Have you ever been on a walk or a hike and suddenly stumbled across something in the natural world that took your breath away? Funny story: A few weeks ago, I was walking up Broadway in the Upper West Side here in New York City and was awestruck to see an owl, as calm as could be, perched on the awning of an apartment building’s front entrance. Here in the bustling city, any time the natural world somehow bursts in through concrete and steel can take you aback. CONTINUE READING

Verily, Puzzle Warehouse dissectologists, a pleasing puzzle hath I completed anon! Oops, sorry, I forgot for a moment that the 21st century was well underway. I got lost in a beautiful 1000-piece Shakespearean puzzle by Ravensburger called Windsor Wives, with intricate, texture-rich artwork by the prolific puzzle illustrator Peter Church. Before we go any further, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. CONTINUE READING

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