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Review: Jungle Jumble by Buffalo Games

One of my favourite things about the jigsaw puzzle community is connecting with artists who create the wonderful images we all love piecing together. I especially love when the artists have a presence on social media and they share the creative process behind their past and present artworks.

In 2021 I found a company named “PunFuzzles”. They were working on their second art piece that was to be made into a puzzle and were asking for the input of the puzzle community to add some fun details to their image. The theme of the artwork in question was “Jungle Jumble”, featuring a vast array of animals representing puns!  Anything involving puns is right up my alley so I knew I would be adding the puzzle to my collection as soon as it was released.

Jungle Jumble | Buffalo Games | 2000 pieces (also available in 1000 pieces)

Introducing Jungle Jumble! Jungle Jumble is a Buffalo X PunFuzzles collaboration. It’s currently available in both 2000 and 1000 piece versions. Jungle Jumble is not your standard jigsaw puzzle. It’s a puzzle, a search and find, a brain teaser and a game all in one!

Let’s start with the puns! There are over 30 puns to decipher in this puzzle. Some obvious and some not so much…which may very well be just me not being able to work some out. I really loved being surprised by some of the details in the animals. With the parrots (shown above), I noticed the parrot representing the flag of USA right away but it took me a few moments to realize the other parrot represents the flag of Brazil. What a couple of cute “Parrot-triots”!

The search and find part of the image is presented in the form of bananas. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, your next task is to find all 28 bananas hidden throughout the image. This was one part I was super successful in completing. I think I’m better at finding bananas than working out puns. What can I say?  I’m very food driven.

While you are looking for bananas, there’s also the fun addition of the names and initials of some puzzlers to find too!  A group of puzzlers won the opportunity to be added to the image. They are subtly hidden throughout the puzzle and even our own Jigsaw Junkies ambassadors, Diane and Gaby can be found in the jungle!

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you can play the game section part of the puzzle!  Jungle Jumble comes with a full colour insert showing the image you’ll be puzzling. On the insert, you’ll also find a registration number. By visiting the PunFuzzles website and entering the code, you’ll unlock the instructions for six group games you can play using the completed puzzle! On the website you’ll also find clues and answers to the puns, where to find all of the bananas and other fun things!

Jungle Jumble was the most fun I’d had with a puzzle to date. The image itself is so vibrant. The details are gorgeous and the expressions on the animals, along with their antics are sure to bring a smile to your face.  I completed the 2000 piece version of this puzzle. I found it to be just the right amount of challenge without being overwhelming. This was actually my very first Buffalo puzzle too! I really enjoyed their piece cut and found the quality to be very good. I can’t wait to see the next collaboration between PunFuzzles and Buffalo!

Until next time,

Rell @relishpuzzles

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