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Lights, Camera, Action! It’s March, and in many parts of the country, that means it’s not quite warm enough to be out all the time, which can bring upon uhhh... madness. It is a good time to get away from those brackets and get out to see a movie, or it's still cold enough to cuddle up and stream one on the couch. Everyone has a favorite movie, or a brand/genre. Are you Team Superhero? Or on Team Princess? Maybe you’re into the classics like The Wizard Of Oz, or Alice In Wonderland. Whatever makes your corn pop, there is likely a puzzle out there for it. 

Popcorn Kitty Surprise | Lafayette Puzzle Factory | 300 pieces

Personally, I am eclectic. That means I like a little bit of everything, in both movies and puzzles. A 1000 piece classic thriller here, a 49 piece Moana there, I’m happy to sit back and enjoy it either way. I treat puzzles and movies pretty similarly. There are those in my favorites stable, that I can pull out at any time, and KNOW it front to back, line by line, piece by piece, by heart. Then there are those that I watch/do once, and am satisfied with the experience enough to never partake in it again. This is where series are really good for me, because I get to redo it a little bit differently and my brain thinks it's brand new!

Recently I did the Heye 1000 piece Tim Burton Films, from their Movie Masters Seek And Find series. It is a wonderful image that has characters and imagery spread throughout that is a cornucopia of Easter Eggs from Tim Burton movies. Edward Scissorhands? Check. Batman? Yep. Beetlejuice? Got it! Did I watch Sweeney Todd while assembling it? One thousand percent. 

Tim Burton Films | Heye | 1000 pieces

What I haven’t done yet, is the Steven Spielberg puzzle in the series, but it looks equally as enjoyable. You get the fun of putting together a puzzle, but then searching for all the references and seeing if you can get them all. Perhaps you’ll even learn about a new movie and have something to watch next (anything to stop the mindless “what to watch” scrolling, right?)!

Steven Spielberg Films Heye | 1000 pieces

It has been a long time since I’ve sat in a movie theater and watched something close to opening day. One of the last ones may have actually been Black Panther, but I can’t quite recall. As much as I love movies, you’re more likely to find me at home watching them than at the box office. Good thing there is a Buffalo 500 piece Black Panther puzzle to help bring back the memories. There isn’t a lot of color variation in this, so I was glad it was only 500 pieces. More than that and it would have been a big task to take on and a bit more of a challenge than I was looking for. 

Black Panther | Buffalo Games | 500 pieces

When completed with that, I realized that I also had a Re-Marks Hulk 100 Piece puzzle, and boy oh boy, if it didn’t fit on perfectly on T’Challa for a new kind of Marvel Mashup. It really is the simple things that make me smile. 

Green Hulk | Re-Marks | 100 pieces

No matter what makes you go mad in March, find some time for a puzzle, a movie, or even both. Just watchout for HULK SMASH!!!

-Jenn / @puzzleknucks 

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