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The simple pleasures in life are one of the best things we experience as we journey through our time on earth. For many people, a reminder of a particular food, toy or game from their childhood is enough to evoke a fond memory and provide that simple pleasure of happiness. I’m totally about to age myself here. I was around when Care Bears first hit the scene (Team Cheer Bear!). I played Pac-Man and Space Invaders when they were released and I still remember my first Sony Walkman. CONTINUE READING

I love holiday puzzles, and next to Christmas, my favorite season is Halloween.  While there is a veritable cornucopia of Christmas puzzles, the Halloween offerings are much more bare bones--pun intended. Here are some of the best Halloween puzzles on the market. NEW RELEASES FOR 2014: Falcon: "Halloween" by Tony Ryan (1000 pieces) A lovely... CONTINUE READING

Check out our "top ten" list of Halloween puzzles for 2016. Because it's Halloween my list ended up at lucky 13... CONTINUE READING

Top Ten: SUNSOUT June 2017 Puzzle Warehouse has a new sales promotion that will run 5/31 through 6/21. (But don't wait too long as the most popular puzzles may go out of stock!)   All Sunsout puzzles are "buy 3 get 1 free". In order to help you sort through the Sunsout goodies, here's a... CONTINUE READING

I noticed today that there were some new Ravensburger puzzles on the UK site. I found them on the Ravensburger US website. So these are the new 2015 puzzles from Ravensburger US. (See our post about the new Ravensburger UK puzzles here.) I'm generally fonder of the Ravensburger UK line-up than the US line-up, and... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: House of Puzzles (Scotland) Title:  “Roll Out The Barrel” by Ray Cresswell, 1000 pieces Review by Jane OUR RATING: 9.25/10 Box Quality:  (9/10) The box is shown above. It's a fairly large rectangular box about the size of the typical Ravensburger or Jumbo box. Each House of Puzzles box has a different base color and this one, as... CONTINUE READING

Jumbo is a European based puzzle company. They have a wide variety of images to choose from including the popular Wasgij series and Jan Van Haasteren images. With their low glare linen finish and thicker pieces, Jumbo is known for being a high quality brand in the puzzle industry. In addition to puzzles, Jumbo also produces puzzle accessories such as the Portapuzzle board.

I shared my latest haul from Puzzle Warehouse on Instagram in July and asked which puzzle I should review. Overwhelmingly, Care Bears Care-A-Lot had the most votes. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at USAopoly and Care Bears Care-A-Lot. USAopoly, aka The OP, began with the idea of putting a hometown spin on... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Masterpieces (US), Released 2014 Title:  “Cat-Ology: Hemingway” by artist Geoffrey Tristram, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 7/10 This is a bit of a departure from the puzzles I normally do, but I wanted to do another MasterPieces puzzle for my brand comparison--and I love Geoffrey Tristram. He is better known for his cartoony images. He does images... CONTINUED READING

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