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Last fall a reader commented on one of my posts that she couldn’t find Christmas puzzles from her favorite brands since they were sold out everywhere she looked. Thank goodness last year was unique in the puzzle world (to say the least) and inventory has since improved. But that got me thinking that Christmas shoppers... CONTINUE READING

Ravensburger.co.uk has put up their 2015 Spring/Summer catalogue!  The new puzzles for 2015 will be available in January.  You can look at or download the 2015 catalogue pdf here. Currently, the pdf has low res images of the puzzles and they are not on Amazon or other online retailers yet, so we can only get...CONTINUE READING

When the Volkswagen Bug came to the U.S. my father bought one in the late 1950’s. It’s hard to describe how different, how bare-bones and stark these cars were – tiny brake and clutch pedals, and no padded dashboards. These cars were so small and with the engine in the back! Unheard of at the... CONTINUE READING

This is a lovely Christmas themed puzzle from artist Randy Wollenmann. The bright colors are fun, especially the pink in the image. The wintry scene is appealing with kids and families out choosing their Christmas tree. The puzzle is a nice blend of easy elements, like the characters in their unique outfits, and slightly more challenging elements like all the fir trees, snow, and night sky. The difficulty is easy-to-moderate. I especially like the art style, which is hand painted and a little bit cartoony. The Vermont Christmas Company quality is good with hard, solid pieces. The cut is mostly a grid cut, but not all edges line up and some sides have wavy and diagonal edges. Recommended for all who enjoy cartoon or Christmas puzzles... CONTINUE READING

You can see the complete catalogue here: http://heye-puzzle.de/en/ There are lots of new photo and cat puzzles besides the cartoon and fantasy images I posted in my Heye 2018 preview. Unfortunately the online catalogue is low res and so we still have relatively small images of the puzzles. We should have the new Heye puzzles... CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Sunsout (US), currently in print as of January 2019 Title:  “Classic Tales: Alice in Wonderland” by Mark Brill, 1000 pieces  Finished size: 20" x 27 OUR RATING: 8.75/10 This brand new puzzle from Sunsout really appealed to my cartoon art - fantasy - collage puzzle loving soul, so I snatched it up for review.... CONTINUE READING

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We're starting to have serious summer weather here, which always puts me in the mood for nature puzzles. Tigers, elephants, cows, lizards, and birds--all are frequent subjects of jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles bring a little bit of nature into the house. You don't have to be a birdwatcher or be able to... CONTINUE READING

From fine art to cartoon to gradients, All Jigsaw Puzzles has it all! With a diverse collection of original artwork you're sure to find a puzzle or two that catches your eye. Their semi glossy pieces are ribbon cut with varied piece shapes. They have a few different box shapes. CONTINUE READING

Publisher: Piatnik (Austria), 2011, 1000 pieces Title:  “Salamanders”, Artist: Ogdemli/Feldmann Design/Rosenthal Represents OUR RATING: 9/10.    Assembly time: 8.5 hours I've done several Piatnik puzzles in the past, but always the cartoon ones. "Salamanders" is a puzzle I've been wanting to work for some time. I put the brand comparison for Piatnik up here, but this is the... CONTINUE READING

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