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Canadian artist Soon creates all of her puzzles with a positive message inside the box. She enjoys spreading positivity through her puzzles. Her puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, with a beautiful matte linen finish, and an incredibly tight fit. You will be able to move both small and large sections around with ease. The puzzle box is sturdy, with part of the image on the front, the full image on the back, and a resealable plastic bag for your puzzle pieces... CONTINUE READING

It wouldn't feel like Halloween without assembling a Halloween puzzle. Puzzle Warehouse has a great selection of Autumn and Halloween themed puzzles. The one I am reviewing here is currently out of stock, but there are several similarly themed puzzles. Because this year is unprecedented, I am really wanting to assemble cute/happy puzzles. Here are... CONTINUE READING

Goodway Puzzles is a US based puzzle company that offers four humorous cartoon scenes in 1000 pieces. The pieces are random cut, and nice and sturdy at 1.8mm thick. The box is square shaped and fairly compact, although is thicker than normal puzzle boxes. It has the full image on the front, and no poster included... CONTINUE READING

I'm thrilled to have Geoff Tristram on Jigsaw Junkie today! Geoff is an artist and cartoonist who does a few of my favorite puzzle series. He's the artist behind Ravensburger's "Best of British" series, their "What If?" series, and "Cat-ology", published by Masterpieces. I'll be sharing images of his work throughout this interview. JJ: Please... CONTINUE READING

What better month than April, with its kick-off day being April Fool’s Day – to host National Humor Month?  According to the National Humor Month website the idea “was conceived to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter and joy - the benchmarks of humor - lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life.”  CONTINUE READING

At the height of our COVID isolation some months ago I was close to running out of jigsaw puzzles. Ugly withdrawal was looming. I might have been forced to become productive – shampoo carpets, clean out cupboards. . . that sort of thing. Luckily a relative gifted me with Gamer’s Trove which is now once... CONTINUE READING

I so happy to have Rob Derks visit us at Jigsaw Junkie. Thank you, Rob, for agreeing to an interview! Rob is a cartoonist who works for Jumbo puzzles. He both works in Jan Van Haasteren's studio doing JVH puzzles, and he has his own series from Jumbo called "Pieces of History". NOTE: A lot... CONTINUE READING

Jumbo kindly sent me a translation of this article commemorating Jan Van Haasteren's 30th anniversary of making puzzles.  It appeared in De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper, on October 26, 2014. Here's a translation with my own images of Jan's work added. Illustrating puzzles is also art A Canadian moved to a new house because his bathroom was not... CONTINUE READING

There are a lot of awesome new puzzles to talk about this month! Tis the season for the Christmas and Fall releases to start to appear. First, let's look at the ones that were just announced (and aren't yet in stock). NEW PUZZLE ANNOUNCEMENTS Buffalo Games Buffalo Games tends to release a few new puzzles a month... CONTINUE READING

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