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The Schmidt puzzle site isn't featuring these puzzles yet, but you can find them if you sort by 'newest'. Here are at least some of the brand new images for 2015. Trust Schmidt to give us some excellent new fantasy puzzles! I don't know when these puzzles will be available, but I'll post when I... CONTINUE READING

We all have our favourite puzzle styles. Personally, I tend to love whimsical art styles, pretty colours and fun cartoon style images. I’ve done a lot of browsing of the Puzzle Warehouse range over the last few months and there was one particular puzzle that kept catching my eye, even though it didn’t fall into the usual categories of what I look for in a puzzle. CONTINUE READING

Educa puzzles come in a wide array of sizes and styles. They offer everything from fine art to modern illustrations to photography and so much more. With piece counts spanning from 28 to 42,000, Educa has something for the littlest puzzler to the expert dissectologist. The pieces are a standard grid cut, with some pieces having a curved edge rather than a connector. The pieces are average thick and are nice and sturdy with a matte finish. The puzzle box are large and rectangular... CONTINUE READING

Hardie Grant puzzles feature a range of pop culture images and modern illustrations from well-known and emerging artists. Some of the most popular images are animal drawings from popular children’s author, Sandra Boynton, and reproductions of whimsical illustrations by French artist, Nathalie Lété... CONTINUE READING

Manufactured in Germany, Heye puzzles offer delightful images that center around cartoons, often in whimsical scenes, but span all the way to scenic and gothic art. Utilizing a range of amazing artists, any image you pick will be unique and beautiful. Along with their more traditional puzzles and boxes, they also offer their Triangular box collection. Heye also offers their incredibly popular Zozoville collection, showing the typical life of adorable and friendly Monsters.. CONTINUE READING

Aquarius is most known for their eye-catching pop culture puzzles. They work with multiple agencies to license large names such as DC Comics, Nickelodeon, Friends, Star Trek, and The Office. Their glossy pieces bring out the bold colors in their puzzles. They release puzzles in multiple sizes from 150 pieces to 3000, so there is something for everyone in their collection. CONTINUE READING

This week at Jigsaw Junkies, we're celebrating the addition of Gibsons puzzles to the Puzzle Warehouse inventory. This is the first time Puzzle Warehouse (based in St. Louis, Missouri) has carried Gibsons (a UK puzzle company), and offered American shoppers a quick and less expensive way to get these wonderful puzzles. Earlier this week, I... CONTINUE READING

Anie Maltais is the owner and founder of JaCaRou Puzzles in Quebec, Canada. We continue Part 2 of our interview and talk about die cuts, the raging debate between glossy vs. matte finish, and peculiar puzzle habits. CONTINUE READING

September is here and I am so ready for fall! "I Love Autumn" by Gibsons Puzzles is the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. "I Love..." is a series by illustrator Mike Jupp, they are cartoon scenes with lots of crazy stuff going on. You can see the beautiful autumn colors on the ribbon cut pieces. The pieces are a wonderful 2.2mm thick. CONTINUE READING

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