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Expected Covid Related Delays and Closures by Brand

Puzzles are in such high demand right now that it seems our manufacturers cannot produce or supply them quickly enough.  Puzzle producers are doing their best, but many are closed or working under extreme restrictions.  Just when it seems these businesses will be able to re-open, restrictions and Shelter In Place dates are extended.

What this means to you:  Orders may experience further delays.  Stock levels at many manufacturers are quickly depleting.  Sometimes, between the time the order is placed and sent, the product has gone out of production, or has run out of stock and nobody can get it. 

Below, find a list of current statuses of many brands as we know them.  Some are completely closed, others are working more slowly with less staff and with extreme Shelter In Place restrictions imposed, some have estimated dates, which may be extended, and finally a few are operating as usual.  


A Broader ViewClosed
African American ExpressionsRestricted
AquariusEnd of May
B DazzleRestricted
Buffalo GamesRestricted
Channel CraftClosed
Chronicle (Galison & Mudpuppy)Restricted
ClementoniBusiness as Usual
Cobble HillRestricted
EducaBusiness as Usual
HeritageEnd of May
Lafayette Puzzle CompanyClosed
MasterPieces Puzzle CompanyRestricted
New York Puzzle CompanyRestricted
Pigment HueClosed
PomegranateBusiness as Usual
RavensburgerBusiness as Usual
SunsOutBusiness as Usual
TreflBusiness as Usual
Vermont Christmas CompanyRestricted
White MountainClosed
Willow Creek PressClosed

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