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  • Bullseye

This is a puzzle based on an early 20th century advertising puzzle.  The design was modified by Michael Tanoff  by making the plates with the cutout be double sided; that is, bulls eyes on both sides.  This makes the puzzle considerably more difficult.  The text and symbols are all laser engraved. 

There are 128 different ways the plates can be stacked and only one of them will yield the correct  result.

You will need to have a well conceived plan so that you don’t duplicate arrangements  already tried.  You will also need to count carefully each time so you don’t bypass the correct solution. I found that out the hard way first time I tried to solve it... it's great fun and can be attempted by anyone, but finding the solution is no easy task.

The puzzle was first presented at IPP35 (International Puzzle Party) in Ottawa Canada as an exchange puzzle from Mr Tanoff.   


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About Creative Crafthouse Bullseye

Mfg. Part Number BullsEye15
Brainteaser Type Labyrinth & Sequential, Wooden
Level of Difficulty Level 2 - Apprentice
Item Number 133018
Availability Online Only

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