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There are several ways to organize your pieces as you puzzle. The bigger the puzzle, the more organizing is required. Here are two videos from Youtube of people putting together some of the largest puzzles around. First there's the Creation of Adam, a Clementoni Puzzle topping out at 13,224 pieces! The puzzle comes divided up in sections to make your challenge a little more doable (although each of those sections is over 2,000 pieces!) Click here to watch the first of 6 videos of the completion of this massive puzzle! In the first video, you can see how meticulous the sorting is. First, they build the details of the picture, meaning anything with color is organized and sorted and put together. After, they're left with hundreds of pieces of the same color. Whew! Imagine. From there, they sort those pieces by shape, a recommendation we give in our strategy guide. This helps because the ribbon cut of the puzzle makes it easy for them to figure out exactly what shape they're looking for when they need another piece, so they know exactly which pieces to try. The Creation of Adam puzzle-building spans over 6 videos. Check them all out: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - Final Compilation Video We currently do not carry this puzzle in stock, but there is a 750 piece Creation of Adam puzzle offered by Eurographics. 


Creation of Adam by Eurographics. 750 pieces. Finished size: 36" x 12" In another video, two people put together the 5,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle "Beneath the Sea." Here you can see them organize all of their pieces into bowls (much better than the plastic baggies I currently use to sort mine!) Click here to watch them put together this giant puzzle! In just 14 days, these women seem to put this puzzle together mostly by color and trial-and-error. Impressive, huh? Does seeing it completed before your eyes inspire you to believe you can do the same? We hope so!


Beneath the Sea by Ravensburger. 5000 pieces. Finished size: 48" x 32"

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