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Jigsaw Puzzles of Fairies

My grandmother loved fairies. She had a fairy garden complete with an arched entrance with the word "believe" on it. Through the entryway there was a small pond decorated with fairy figurines and a rocking bench. It is a beautiful and serene spot, a place where one could believe in magic. Fairies and sprites add a bit of whimsy to our lives. We could also use some fairy dust to sprinkle around! To celebrate my grandma's memory, 

I've collected some of our cutest and most fun fairy puzzles to share with you all. Other puzzlers have told me before in comments on the blog and Facebook that puzzles are a great way to celebrate and remember someone close to them, as there are so many images to choose from to remind us of people and their passions. I'll have to pick up a fairy puzzle myself soon—I think the first one in this list is my favorite! 


Bath Time by Ravensburger. 300 pieces.


Al Fine, Shu by Educa. 500 pieces.


Fairy Hollow by Educa. 1000 pieces.

 Fairy Falls by SunsOut. 1500 pieces.


Fairy Princess by Educa. 500 pieces.

 Angel Haniel by Ceaco. 550 pieces.


The Kiss by Educa. 1000 pieces.

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