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How do I frame my puzzle?

Many people like to frame completed puzzles for display. There are many ways to do this yourself, or an easy solution is to take it to your local craft or framing store and have it done professionally.

To transport your puzzle to a craft store, make sure it is glued first - then sandwich between two pieces of cardboard or use one of the many storage options available. Make sure to keep it covered to avoid damages in the transport process.

We recommend having the puzzle dry-mounted (adhered to a thick piece of sturdy foam board) before framing to preserve the puzzle seamlessly and ensure no pieces fall out. This process costs about $15 at your local Hobby Lobby, depending on the size. If you are trying to be budget-conscious, it is entirely possibly to simply glue your puzzle at home and them find a frame that fits the size of your puzzle and frame it like you would a poster. Puzzle Warehouse sells several puzzle frames made specifically for 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Ideally, puzzles should be covered with glass or a nice transparent plastic sheet inside the frame because the cover will protect the puzzle from fingerprints or scratches. The cover will also help secure the puzzle from collapsing or bowing from within the frame. Many customers recommend using conservation glass with built-in UV protection which will keep the puzzle colors looking vibrant for many years without fading. Once the puzzle is framed, it will look great and last a long time without any worry.

Click here to see the frames we have available for purchase. 

Read a more detailed guide to gluing and mounting your puzzle here.

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