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What's the difference between different types of puzzle "cuts"?

Puzzle cuts vary from brand to brand and also at the individual puzzle level.  There are two primary types of puzzle cuts, Ribbon and Random Cut.

Ribbon Cut puzzles are the most common.  A ribbon cut, also known as a "traditional cut" or "strip cut", has interlocking pieces and matched, interlocking corners, with a few shape variations of pegs and holes.  Ribbon cut puzzles have uniform rows and repeating patterns.

Manufacturers of Ribbon Cut Puzzles:  Buffalo Games, Cardinal, Clementoni, Dino's, Educa, Heye, Jumbo, Lafayette, MEGA, MindStart, New York Puzzle Co., Piatnik, Pomegranate, Ravensburger, Schmidt (Ribbon but with variation)

Random Cut puzzles have irregularly shaped, sometimes non-interlocking edges and are generally considered more difficult than their ribbon cut counterparts.  Random cut puzzles vary significantly in appearance from puzzle to puzzle, which will in turn increase the difficulty.  Random cut may also be referred to as "Victorian cut", "Whimsy cut", or "Irregular cut."  

Manufacturers of Random Cut Puzzles:  GeoToys, African American Expressions, Andrew Blaine, Aquarius, Brainwright, Ceaco, Cobble Hill, Dowdle, Eurographics, MasterPieces, Peaceful Wooden


Please Note: These lists are not all inclusive. For info on a brand not listed, please reach out to them directly!


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