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Food Puzzles to Inspire Your Holiday Cooking Recipes

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think it beats out all the others by a longshot, and this is probably because of my love for a good meal. And while I’m a sucker for the traditional turkey-and-potato meal, when I looked up alternative menu items for the holidays, it got me thinking that there’s always room for another platter on the table! We've got some great Food Jigsaw Puzzles - so even if you don't have room for another dish in your tummy - put one of these puzzles out on side table and the whole family can enjoy it without impacting the waistline! Piatnik Puzzle - Pasta Food Puzzle 

Pasta by Platnik. $16.99. 1000 Pieces. Finished size: 26.5" x 17.4". Thanksgiving isn't really thought of as a “noodle” holiday, what with all that turkey and potatoes and yams and stuffing going on. But if you've got a bunch of leftover turkey, or if you want to do something different, why not use it to make some new recipes—like creamy turkey with noodles? Mmm!Jigsaw Puzzle 

Baseball and Apple Pie by Peaceful Wooden Puzzles. Starting from $46.99, these are quality custom made with your choice anywhere from 220-890 pieces. Apple pie is a classic and you can’t go wrong with it, but if you feel like spicing up your holiday desserts, why not try finding recipes to these delightfully different pies from Gardener Pie Co.? They’ve got flavors like cherry lime chipotle and japaleño apple. Also check out this recipe for Salty Honey Pie.

 Vegetable 500 piece jigsaw puzzle 

Canned Veggies by Springbok. $11.99. 500 pieces. Finished size 18" X 23.5". If you’re a vegetarian or just really like vegetables, you can make some new veggie dishes to try out this holiday season to replace or complement your meat dishes, like asparagus enchiladas or asparagus quiche. Be Well Philly also has a collection of unique recipes that include beets. The New York Times has a great article with an assortment of recipes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Food Puzzle - 500 pieces 

Snack Stack by Springbok. $11.99. 500 Pieces. Finished size 18" X 23.5". Thanksgiving leftovers aren't just for sandwiches anymore.

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