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GAMES FOR AGES 13 AND UP - 32 Results

Christmas Trivia Card Game By Outset Media
$9.49 $9.99 5% Off
Kwizniac By Continuum Games
$18.39 $22.99 20% Off
Christmas Activity Game By Outset Media
$9.35 $11.99 22% Off
Christmas Trivia Game By Outset Media
$9.23 $11.99 23% Off
Movies Trivia Game Father's Day By Outset Media
$9.59 $11.99 20% Off
Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack By USAopoly
$31.19 $39.99 22% Off
American Presidents By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
80's 90's Trivia Game Father's Day By Outset Media
$9.35 $11.99 22% Off
US Constitution By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
70s Trivia Card Game By Outset Media
$9.49 $9.99 5% Off
A Christmas Story Card Scramble By Aquarius
$20.01 $25.99 23% Off
Apples to Apples Party Box By Continuum Games
$25.40 $32.99 23% Off
MindTrap: Classic Edition By Outset Media
$9.23 $11.99 23% Off
Stupid Deaths By University Games
$21.55 $27.99 23% Off
Herbs & Medicinal Plants By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
Scattergories Categories By Winning Moves Games
$16.93 $21.99 23% Off
In the Year of the Dragon By Ravensburger
$31.56 $40.99 23% Off
Civil Rights Movement By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
Oh What A Night By Outset Media
$15.39 $19.99 23% Off
Riddles By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
Stratego Spies & Lies (Bilingual) By Outset Media
$15.39 $19.99 23% Off
Telestrations By USAopoly
$26.94 $34.99 23% Off
African-American History By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
What Do You Know About Baseball? By Pomegranate
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
Dumber Than A Box of Rocks By University Games
$14.62 $18.99 23% Off
Secret Squad By Gamewright
$8.46 $10.99 23% Off
Smart Ass By University Games
$21.55 $27.99 23% Off
Sneaky Cards By Gamewright
$10.00 $12.99 23% Off
The Voting Game By Buffalo Games
$19.24 $24.99 23% Off

Games and toys for ages 13 and up based on manufactures age recommendations. Find the right game for your family or kids that will be both challenging and fun.

We not only supply board games from adult games to children games and children toys, but we also supply thousands of jigsaw puzzles and brain teasers. Our brain teasers come in all different levels that help create hours of fun rather it be a competition between family members or in a room by yourself. Give your mind the ultimate test with one of our hundreds of brain teasers by shopping and viewing all of what we carry from gift brain teaser puzzles to wooden brain teasers, we have any brain teaser perfect for all skill levels. Check out all of our brain teasers HERE

Like our games, toys, and brain teaser selections grow so does our jigsaw puzzles. As it is in our name, we carry thousands of jigsaw puzzles ranging from 25 pieces to over 3,000 pieces. We carry any piece count perfect for any skill level. Check out all of our jigsaw puzzles HERE

Puzzle Warehouse is here to give you the best experience and to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

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