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Going Big... and Bigger! 2,000-4,000 piece Puzzles

The survey we put out last week to get a response on how you, our readers, are enjoying this blog ended Tuesday night. The winner has been chosen, the stats have been analyzed, and I'm ready to deliver you some of the posts you guys have been looking for! Thank you for your input and creativity—there's a lot you want to know about puzzles, and I'm happy to oblige! To start, we'll feature a post on 2,000-4,000 piece puzzles suggested by Linda. The master stage of jigsaw puzzling starts at 2,000 pieces. It means you're done with the intermediate stage and ready to tackle twice the job! Use the same helpful tips: sort by shape piece and color, and definitely stay patient. These are big jobs, but the reward is twice as satisfying! 


Napolean's Winter by Heye. 27" x 38" when completed. Talk about a challenge! The sheer size of this puzzle is daunting enough, but throw in the amount of white snow there is and the similarity of images of people on horses and wagons, and you've got yourself a puzzle that'll challenge you for weeks! Make sure to carve out a space in your home for this puzzle to be up for a while, or check out our puzzle storage.


City by Heye. 38" x 27" when completed. This bright, eccentric puzzle is the work of cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo, who has many other puzzles of this brightness and quality offered in 1000 piece counts for those that aren't quite ready for this challenge.


Crime Scene by Heye. 38" x 27" when completed.[/caption] This puzzle is fantastic because if you get bored of one scene, just switch to another! Featuring a background space and 5 rings of interior spaces to help you solve the "horrible mystery of Vampshire Castle," this puzzle by artist Michael Ryba will surely keep you entertained the whole way through!

 The Times of the Day by Educa. 37.8" x 26.8" when completed.[/caption] If cartoon art isn't for you, this puzzle by Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha will be sure to please you! It offers some repeating images (such as the design underneath each woman's portrait) but also different color schemes for variation.

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Step it up a notch with 3,000 piece puzzles. There are fewer of these offered because they are more challenging, and the subject tends to be more in favor of high art  instead of cartoons. These would look gorgeous mounted and framed through the process of gluing a puzzle.


Around the World by Ravensburger. 48" x 32" when completed.[/caption] You'll never get bored with this one. So many sceneries and places to see all over the world in this one! See the night life come alive of Paris, Monte Carlo, Quebec, and Tokyo... and even spot Puzzle Warehouse's hometown of St. Louis!  

Guernica by Educa. 56.7" X 26.8" when completed.[/caption] What's the fun of just buying a print of Picasso's lovely painting when you can reconstruct it yourself—with the added challenge of only hues of black and white to guide you instead of colors?


 Typus Orbis Terrarum by Educa. 47.25" x 33.5" when completed.[/caption] After spending so much time with this sepia-hued challenge, I doubt you'll ever forget your geography lessons again!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4,000 piece puzzles seem to feature even more realistic art, especially with the travel theme in mind. I guess the bigger it is, the more likely you'll feel inspired to go and see it in the flesh! These beautiful puzzles will definitely enflame your travel itch.


Portofino by Educa. 53.5" x 37.75" when completed.

This scene is so beautiful and colorful, for a moment I didn't realize it was a painting!


Times Square by Buffalo Games. 52" x 38" when completed.

This a new puzzle from Buffalo Games, and the largest puzzle we offer of the iconic Times Square scene.


Vernazza by Clementoni. 52.6" x 38.5" when completed. The many different colors of this puzzle will be helpful in the construction, but the sheer size of it will still make things more challenging! Try starting out with the ocean pieces in order to get the bulk of the challenge done first!

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