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A Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle is a Treat

If you are looking for a new and different way to enjoy Halloween with your family or students, here’s a fun idea: put together a Halloween jigsaw puzzle! Putting together a Halloween jigsaw puzzle is a very fun family or classroom activity. It’s a great way to get everybody in the spooky Halloween mood if you begin it a week or so before the holiday.

Even the busiest group can do this. If you don’t have time to all sit down and do the puzzle together, then try putting the puzzle out where everybody passes by on their way in and out. That way, each person in the group can put in a few pieces whenever they feel like it. Everyone who comes along later can see and enjoy what’s been done, and it also provides a topic of conversation.

You might want to have a little contest for who places the most pieces, with special Halloween treats for prizes. If you have relatives such as grandparents who live far away, buying matching puzzles, putting them together at the same time, and sharing pictures of your progress is a wonderful way to share the holiday with them.

It’s so cool to see the way everyone’s excitement grows as the Halloween jigsaw puzzle nears completion, and the holiday itself approaches. As you dress up your home or classroom for Halloween, make the completed puzzle one of your decorations. One great idea is to place the jigsaw puzzle under the glass on top of a table for an instant, spill-proof Halloween ‘tablecloth’.

Or you could pull the puzzle apart again and re-use it as a party activity. If you decide to do this activity this Halloween, just be sure to choose a jigsaw puzzle that has subject matter everyone will enjoy (nothing too scary for kids, and no tiny pieces for very young children). Also, be sure the puzzle is age and skill appropriate for all participants.

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