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Happy 150th Birthday, Gustav Klimt

It was Gustav Klimt's birthday on Sunday. The art nouveau icon was born on July 14, 1862 and died Feb. 6, 1918. Klimt’s work remains as some of the most expensive on the art market. In celebration of his birthday, Vienna's museums offered an exhibit called "Klimt: Up Close and Personal" - where his artwork was given a new light - not just beautiful reproductions of his most famous golden work "The Kiss," but also showing off the "worst of the worst" - some 100+ objects sent from around the world that Klimt's work has been reproduced on - from toilet-seat covers, bejeweled eggs with rotating figured from "The Kiss" and Elvis music - to pictures of tattoos. 

We think Gustav Klimt Jigsaw Puzzles are a much classier way to honor the intricate artwork of this great, late, artist. After all, only some of the highest quality puzzle brands have reproduced his work - Heye, Piatnik and Pomegranate to name a few of our favorites. Below, see some of the artwork that is available on jigsaw puzzles from Gustav Klimt. Puzzles are a great way to enjoy your favorite artwork time and time again because they can either be glued and framed to form a wonderful piece of wall decoration - or disassembled and put back together over the years. [gallery orderby="title"]

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