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Psychological and Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

While jigsaw puzzles are widely acknowledged for their entertaining purpose, there are numerous psychological and health benefits of jigsaw puzzles and assembling them that tend to be forgotten in today’s video era. When we say health benefits, we have in mind some of the alternatives to jigsaw puzzle assembling, such as television, internet and video games. As opposed to those, jigsaw puzzles have the advantage of being easy on the eyes. There’s no back light, no glare that slowly wears down your vision, and it occupies not only your body, but also your mind. Jigsaw puzzles make you think. Unlike watching a movie, reading a book or being engaged in another form of passive activity, assembling a puzzle requires a lot of thinking, both logical and creative, thus making your whole brain work at once. It is a useful form of mental activity that has long term benefits. Jigsaw puzzles also make you relax. After a stressful day, retiring in your room in front of your unfinished jigsaw puzzle helps you clear your mind and relax. While you’re working on it, the stress goes away and nothing else can affect you. Not to mention the happiness you feel when you see the image getting closer and closer to completion with every piece you skillfully arrange. Jigsaw puzzles can also teach you a life lesson. There’s something in assembling a jigsaw puzzle that can help you in life. If you look at it like a metaphor, a jigsaw puzzle is just like your life. One big challenge that requires you to take small steps, one at the time. You have to do it all, but you can’t take any shortcuts. And there’s no need to get desperate over you. Approach your life like you approach a puzzle. Try to imagine the bigger picture first and then take it step by step. With patience and care, you will get everything done on time.

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