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Home Sweet Home

I've spent the last several day packing up all my things into boxes and moving across town into a new house with new roommates. It's sort of exciting rearranging your furniture in a new room and calling a new house "home." So what is the difference between a new house and a new home? Well, as my favorite writer Lemony Snicket puts it: "The difference between a house and a home is like the difference between a man and a woman—it might be embarrassing to explain, but it would be very unusual to get them confused." Our homes are our spaces to relax, to spend time with our families and friends, to do our hobbies (how many of you have a puzzle spread out on your coffee table right now?) 

Snicket has another great thing to say about homes, which rings true for many of us: "There is something marvelous about returning home at the end of a long day, even if there is tuna fish for dinner." Coziness and comfort are what makes a house a home for me, but then there are some homes that are so beautiful and elegant, prim and proper—but these are no less homes to the people inside them. Here's some of our best houses and homes in puzzle form, some that emanate warmth and tranquility, some that are modern and sleek.

Autumn's Golden Moments by SunsOut. 1000 pieces.

Bridge by Lion Rampant Imports. 1000 pieces.

Evening Journey by Educa. 1000 pieces.

Cinque Terre, Italy by Ravensburger. 2000 pieces.

Painted Ladies by Ravensburger. 1000 pieces.

Dowdle - House of Seven Gables by Dowdle Folk Art. 1000 pieces.

Mediterranean Waterfront by Springbok. 2000 pieces.

Down by the Sea by Ravensburger. 300 pieces.

Village Hideaway by Educa. 2000 pieces.

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