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Jigsaw Junkie Reviews

Jigsaw Junkies Brand Reviews

The Jigsaw Junkies blog began in March of 2014. It was started by Jane Holmes as a way to learn more about the puzzle industry and connect with other jigsaw puzzle fans. Along the way, Jigsaw Junkies has seen and fulfilled the need for information that was previously unavailable on the web, including a detailed analysis of puzzle brands, research on out-of-print puzzle series such as the Limited Edition Waddington’s Christmas puzzles, and interviews with puzzle makers to see what goes on behind the scenes. In April of 2016, the Jigsaw Junkies blog became part of Puzzle Warehouse, the largest distributor of puzzles in the United States. This collaboration has enabled Jigsaw Junkies to increase its content output greatly and reach many new jigsaw puzzle fans.  Below, you can find summaries of a number of puzzles that Jane has reviewed in the past - but your best bet for in-depth analysis of all of the brands, artists, and product reviews is visiting www.jigsawjunkies.com

Jane Holmes, the founder of Jigsaw Junkies, lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her husband and menagerie of animals.  She has loved puzzles of all kinds since childhood, and spent over twenty years as a computer game designer. These days, Jane writes novels and indulges her love of puzzles through her large jigsaw puzzle collection and has past the work over to various other 'blog' writers carrying in her footsteps! 

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