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Your Kids and Development

We recently stumbled across this great article about parents roles in their children's development: how parents keying in to their progress in school during this crucial time is "a determining factor in [the child's] success as an adult." They stress the importance of  actively aiding a child's progress: "Parents ... should also take the time to learn what’s being covered under the lesson plan and what’s up next on the curricular agenda. Make a point of working on those skills at home, too ... Remember, education and learning don’t stop the minute your child walks out the door of her preschool or child development center." Keep your kids' brains active with playful learning games and toys with foundational skills. Melissa and Doug offers great supplements for providing educational fun in the home.


Alphabet Truck, Ages 3+. Block play is a great foundation skill for stacking, counting, and sorting. 


Fruit Basket Jumbo Knob. Age 2+. Plugging in shapes is great for hand-eye-coordination skills.


Magnetic Pattern Block Kit. Ages 3+. Whether they are building predetermined patterns or exploring with shapes, they will learn about space

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