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Kittens Galore!

We recently added a new addition to our house: a small, bright, fluffy white kitten named Casper. A long time ago, the new addition of my dog, Marlowe, was the inspiration for a puppy post. Well, you know what's coming, then. I must now update you with new pictures of my (now fully grown) puppy and her new friend. The getting-to-know-you game was full of reservation on the dogs' parts. They were so uncertain about this little creature! But after a little playtime, they quickly grew into fast friends. Celebrate your love of cats with this many different puzzles that are cute, artistic, or whimsical!


Egyptian by Jane Crowther by Heye. 1000 pieces.


Special Delivery by Buffalo Games. 1000 pieces.

Mouse by Rosina Wachtmeister from Heye. 1000 pieces.


Cats Under Blanket by Eurographics. 750 pieces.


Cats Galore by White Mountain. 1000 pieces.


Perfect Pose by Master Pieces. 500 pieces.

 Pavan Van Klimt by SunsOut. 500 pieces.

Friendly Opposites by Ravensburger. 500 pieces.


Seventeen Cats by Edward Gorey from Pomegranate. 300 pieces.

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