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We have added literally thousands of new items since January, with all of our favorite brands releasing new puzzles and games - so we thought we would collect all of our favorite new items, as well as the ones we have sold the most of since bring them in - so you know what jigsaws are currently hot on the radar! 

1. A License to Life  Ravensburger, 500 pieces.

2.  Busy Bee Quilting Club SunsOut, 300 pieces. This one is not new, but it one of our highest sellers, and it has been discontinued by SunsOut - so we have ordered up extra - better grab it while you can!

3.  African Pots SunsOut, 1000 pieces, shaped puzzle. Just look at this intricate artwork by Roberta Wesley! New this month!                

4. I Love Lucy Aquarius, 1000 pieces. Brand new puzzle released last week!                      

5.  Peace-ful Garden SunsOut, 1000 pieces, round shaped. Released March.                   

 6.  Play Ball SunsOut, 1000 pieces. Released March. Great for any baseball fan!                      

7. Puzzle Doubles - 3D Space New Brand - The Learning Journey - Wonderful selection of kids puzzles and games - check out their whole line here. 30-piece shaped puzzle                  

8. Stamp Collectors White Mountain, 1000 pieces. Released last month. Great collectors piece.                  

9. Standoff SunsOut, 500 pieces. How cute are these little kittens meeting the piglet!                  

10. Two-sided USA Map Another new brand, Lafayette,  with all sorts of specialty puzzles with glitter and 3D effects. We especially loved these 2-sized map puzzles with facts and trivia on one side - great for teaching geography to the little ones!                  

11. Puzzle Rings! Wow - these are just spectacular, we are so excited to be carrying them now. These puzzle rings stem from ancient tales of romance - each puzzle rings has 3, 5, 7, or even 9 bands that fit together ever-so-cleverly to form a beautiful piece of jewelry. For every day wear or that special occasion, these rings are priced right and come in a variety of styles and sizes.             

12. Van Gogh Collage White Mountain, new this month. 1000 pieces, for all the fine art lovers out there!                     

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