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Online jigsaw puzzles vs. Offline jigsaw puzzles (Part 1)

Nowadays, almost everyone has a computer and regular internet access. We’re not talking politics here, and we’re not in the social science business either. We’re being pragmatic. So we’re not leaving starving populations and distant cultures out of the picture or considering them to be less "human," we're just not addressing them at the moment. The almost everyone above is almost everyone able to read this post. This being said, in order to address the possible critics who might rise and criticize the above comment, let’s get to the point: why would anyone buy a regular jigsaw puzzle, when we have online jigsaw puzzles? There are tons of puzzles available online and, as far as the assembling process goes, it doesn’t really make any difference if the puzzle is displayed on a screen or laying on the floor in a box. An online jigsaw puzzle might even be more appealing than an offline one, for more than one reason. It is easy to carry. As long as you have your computer with you, you also have the puzzle(s). And, with the computers becoming more and more indispensable, so to speak, you’ll practically be able to access your jigsaw puzzles from anywhere, at any time. You can even take a short break from work and put a couple of pieces together to clear up your mind (although we do not encourage you to evade your work duties). Online puzzles are cheaper (you’re already paying for the internet), and do not require the same amount of space or material settings. So why would anyone want to assemble a traditional jigsaw puzzle? You'll learn that in the second part of this article on Saturday.

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