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Online jigsaw puzzles vs. Traditional jigsaw puzzles (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we brought up the discussion that online jigsaw puzzles had many advantages compared to the traditional ones. Easier access and a smaller cost (supposing the internet access is already paid for) are just some of those, but they also are important aspects that, in time, could even lead to the disappearance of traditional jigsaw puzzles. But this is just a pessimistic scenario, unlikely to happen if we reflect a little bit on the advantages that regular jigsaw puzzles offer. Despite being sometimes costly, traditional jigsaw puzzles can prove to be very useful. We have mentioned before the therapeutic advantages that have been highlighted by healthcare specialists, so now we will focus on some of the more practical aspects. The images on the jigsaw puzzles are beautiful. And even though you can set the image from an online jigsaw puzzle as wallpaper on your computer, it doesn’t compare with having a beautiful picture framed on your wall. It’s less expensive than a painting, and you know that you’ve put some work into it, which can make it even more valuable. But the most important aspect of puzzle assembling is another one: the social aspect. Needless to say, assembling a jigsaw puzzle can be a social activity. In a big family, this apparently simple game can lead to a bigger cohesion and to lots of happy moments. What’s more, assembling a jigsaw puzzle involves touching. It might not seem much, but in an increasingly technological and digital world, where more than a few authors identify the decline of manual labor, touching the pieces of the puzzle and manipulating them can ground you and your body not only in the physical moment, but also in the physical world. And this can be translated to other activities and simple tasks, where puzzle making skills can be more than helpful.

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