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Something I've always been drawn to is our photography puzzles. Don't get me wrong, I love folk art and fun cartoons and also art based in realism. But there's something about a crisp image that just draws me in. I think there's an aspect of photography-based puzzles that's a bit more challenging, too. Art based in painting or drawing is very deliberate, so, for instance, one piece of the puzzle might have a very distinguishing feature (such as a color) that makes it easy to place. Framing and composition in photography can also be deliberate, but colors are less so, especially in nature settings. Check out all these puzzles and think about the challenges of putting together the pieces of the out-of-focus backgrounds, or the monochrome color scheme! 

Baby Love - Mia by Educa. 1000 pieces.


Autumn Gray Wolf by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 500 pieces.

Eiffel Tower by Clementoni. 1000 pieces.


Stingray by Heye. 1000 pieces.

Sailboats by Springbok. 500 pieces.


Cool Waters by Master Pieces. 500 pieces.


Goetta Canal, Sweden by Ravensburger. 1000 pieces.


Kalahari Desert by Heye. 1000 pieces.

 Parc Guell by Educa. 500 pieces.


Rising Storm by Heye. 1000 pieces.

 Lijang - China by Clementoni. 2000 pieces. On another note, I'm currently doing a puzzle from New York Puzzle Co. with a review to come! Here's a sneak preview of what we got done last night:

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