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Poster Politics - Scratch and Dent Nostalgic & Retro Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Poster Politics - Scratch and Dent Nostalgic & Retro Jigsaw Puzzle

Poster Politics highlights the campaign trail from the stump days of Abraham Lincoln to the Reagan Years (1981-9). No matter if you're an independent or part of a puzzle union, this jigsaw is a "capitol" idea, and here's why: each ad makes for easy sorting and division amongst one (or more parties).

Whether you complete this puzzle in one term or two, Springbok is confident this 1000 piece will be the ticket to hours of peace you can campaign for. Can we count on your vote?

From left to right: Come Home America (George McGovern); El Biejo Onesto Abe Cigarros (Abraham Lincoln); A Great Man With A Vision (Jesse Jackson); Bring U.S. Together (Shirley Chishlom); McGovern A Little Light in a Cold World (George McGovern); Johnson & Kennedy Button (Lyndon B. Johnson); Ronnie is my choice in '68; (Ronald Reagan); Prosperity at Home, Prestige Abroad (William McKinley); IåäÌÝå»m For BettyåäÌÝå»s Husband Button (Gerald Ford); Fordzie, Happy days are here again (Gerald Ford); Well, Dewey or DonåäÌÝå»t We (Thomas Dewey); Roosevelt and Johnson (Theodore Roosevelt); America First! (Warren G. Harding); HeåäÌÝå»s making us proud again (Gerald Ford); IåäÌÝå»m Just Wild About Harry (Harry S. Truman); Kennedy (Robert F. Kennedy); The President (Richard Nixon); James Earl Carter Jr. Button (James Carter); Jimmy Carter for President Democratic Primary åäÌÝÌÕ May 18 (James Carter); McCarthy Peace (Eugene McCarthy); NixonåäÌÝå»s the One (Richard Nixon); åäÌÝÌ�BillåäÌÝå� (William Taft); Kennedy for President, Johnson for Vice President (John F. Kennedy); Forward with President Truman åäÌÝÌ�No RetreatåäÌÝå� Button (Harry S. Truman); He stood up alone and something happened. McCarthy (Eugene McCarthy); Reagan-Bush åäÌÝå»84. Bringing America Back (Ronald Reagan); Hoover for President Button (Herbert Hoover); Our CountryåäÌÝå»s Choice (Grover Cleveland); Keep Cool With Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge); Vote Democratic November 2, 1948 (Harry S. Truman); I Like Ike Button (Dwight D. Eisenhower); Protection To Home Industry (Benjamin Harrison); Jesse Jackson åäÌÝå»88 (Jesse Jackson); Lyndon Johnson U.S. Senator (Lyndon Johnson); A Gentleman from Mississippi (William Taft); Vote for peace. Vote for prosperity. Vote for Ike. (Dwight D. Eisenhower); IåäÌÝå»m for Nixon Button (Richard Nixon); Bobby is my choice in åäÌÝå»68 (Robert F. Kennedy); Roosevelt. Truman. (Franklin D. Roosevelt); America First. Harding and Coolidge. Junior Booster (Warren G. Harding); The Kept Faith In Nation, State, Country, and City. Vote Straight. Democratic. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Poster Politics - Scratch and Dent  New

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Made in USA

About Springbok Poster Politics - Scratch and Dent

  • 1000 pieces
  • Made by Springbok
  • Completed puzzle measures 24" x 30"

Themes: Collage, Nostalgic & Retro, United States

Age 7+
Puzzle Type Jigsaw Puzzle
Mfg. Part Number 33-10941
UPC Number 091683109418
Release Year 2021
Puzzle Category Nostalgia
Item Number 175499
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