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How does this effect me?

Monthly Members will see a price increase to $14.99 (Standard Memberships) or $22.99 (Premium Memberships) on Thursday May 9th 2019.

Annual renewals will be auto renewed into our new Bimonthly program for $19.99 or $35.99 every other month. You’ll receive two puzzles every other month, though you’ll always have the option to enroll back into our Annual plans at any time.

Why? We've received countless feedback from hundreds of customers, and we want you to know that we hear you. We wanted to make this an even better experience, so we've enhanced our club features so that we can continue bring you even more options of the puzzles you love.

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BiMonthly Program

When enrolled in our Bimonthly Plan, you'll receive two puzzles every other month.

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6 Month Program

For a flat rate, you'll receive one puzzle each month or two puzzles every other month for six months

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Check out our new puzzles to bundle with your next club order!

Looking for new puzzles and games to bundle with your membership?

We're getting new puzzles in daily! You'll still qualify for free shipping on every order you bundle during your membership.

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