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Putting the Jigsaw in Jigsaw Puzzles

The puzzle and the saw are not exactly the most appropriate word association out there. The puzzle, an object for the mind, and the jigsaw, a raw cutting tool used with the body, make an unusual pair. Did you ever wonder where jigsaw puzzles got their name? You could hardly imagine anyone cutting a cardboard puzzle, today, with a jigsaw. And yet, that was the only way to do it back in the days. Puzzles were not made out of cardboard but out of wood, and designing a puzzle was a lot more complicated and time consuming than it is today. A picture was painted on a flat and rectangular piece of wood. It was manually painted, of course, so there weren’t really any mass production techniques available. In order to transform that piece of wood into a puzzle, it had to be cut into small pieces with a jigsaw. The cutting technique was crucial, and the final result depended on it. While most of today’s jigsaw puzzles are made of cardboard, this traditional puzzle making method still exists, hence the name. Wooden puzzles are a lot more expensive than cardboard puzzles, but the technology developments enabled laser-cutting of the wooden jigsaw puzzles, instead of the expensive and uncertain traditional method. Of course, there are still people out there that do everything by hand, from the painting to the cutting, but the unique puzzles they design have corresponding prices and have become collector’s items. So if you want to purchase a unique item, you have to seek one of these jigsaw puzzle makers. Peaceful Wooden is one example that you can find right here at Puzzle Warehouse.

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