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Challenge Yourself: Scheming with Color

Finding yourself itching for a challenge, but not quite ready to jump up to the impossible puzzles or the other uniquely challenging puzzles with a twist?

Or maybe you just prefer the traditional puzzle look and feel. You might like the routine of starting with your edge pieces or working with familiar piece shapes. Whatever the case, don't think you still can't challenge your brain. The bright side is, you don't have to up your piece count either. Work with the size and style you already love. Just switch up your color scheme!

Finding puzzles that are largely of one or two color schemes can make you have to work a little harder, be a little more creative, and definitely test your patience as you wonder how you should start organizing the pieces!

If you have a favorite puzzle that you've completed before that was challenging because of the color scheme, share it with us in the comments. We'd love to hear about it!


Explosion by SunsOut. 550 pieces. Finished size: 15” x 24.”


Crash Course by Thomas Barbey Puzzles. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 23” x 29”.


Greece by Clementoni. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5” x 18.25”.


Red Rose by Ravensburger. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19.75” x 19.75”.


Kittens in Pots. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19.25” x 26.5”.


Feathers by Piatnik. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5” x 17.25”.


Big Wave by Heye. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 22” x 22”.


Beautiful Swan by Ravensburger. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19.5" x 14.25".


Autumn Reflection by Springbok. 1500 pieces. Finished size: 28.75" x 36".  

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