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Forest Life Forest Jigsaw Puzzle By Soonness
1000 Pieces
$29.99 $23.39 (22% Off)

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Soonness was founded by artist Soon Cho in 2021. She created artworks for all "Life Series" herself, and she is looking into collaborating with many talented artists to share beautiful artworks through puzzles. Our puzzles are made of high quality. Durable pieces, clean-cut, matte finish with a soft surface, minimal puzzle dust, packaged in a beautiful box. Every puzzle comes with words of love & inspiration. In every different puzzle design, we put a special message on the inner lid of the box. It could be a short quote or a full story. Puzzles are the perfect gift for your friends & family. It can be enjoyed both solo and as a group. Puzzling is great for our mental health and the message in our puzzle box will definitely spread some love.

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