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Staff Picks

Working at the Puzzle Warehouse, we see literally thousands of puzzles every day, and are often asked for suggestions by customers here in the store. So, we have compiled a list of current staff favorites to inspire your next puzzling experience or gift...

Dave (our does-just-about-everything guy):

       1. Escher: Relativity (1000pc): "Very challenging!  I was happy to get eight pieces a night for 3 months, but when it was together it was beautiful!  Very rewarding to finish." 2. Yerka Land - Check-Mate (750pc): "This puzzle is by far one of my favorites.  The irony of seahorses playing chess along with the fish clock…I LOVE IT.  It is beautiful on our wall." 3. Paris Romance (1000pc): "I love the color contrast with the black and white photo.  I always thought this is the perfect valentine puzzle."

Elizabeth (our newsletter and web guru):

"First is the Farm Cube Puzzle from Melissa & Doug. It's great! You can use it to make puzzles, stack the blocks, count the blocks and sort the different colors. Isaac (my son) got it when he was 2 and it was a bit over his head. It's perfect for him now that he's 3. Love it! I also love the See-Inside-Alphabet Peg Puzzle from Melissa & Doug too. It's easy for little fingers to grasp the pegs and manipulate."

Ann (one of our most veteran retail masters):

"My pick would be Songbirds. My husband and I are bird watchers so I thought this puzzle would be fun and it was.  Challenging but not too difficult and good quality with vibrant colors!  Beautiful image... very realistic." Bonus:  750-piece Songbirds is part of Buffalo Game's panoramic series... it measures OVER 3 FEET WIDE after it is put together!

Faith (our payroll gal):

"Here's one I plan on getting for my daughter's first birthday - Large Farm Jumbo Knob.  It has very nice big knobs for her to hold and very big pieces that she should be able to do soon." :) Melissa and Doug puzzles are leaders in educational and fun products for kid's first puzzles!

 Ashley (social media and website fixer-upper):

         "I collect clowns and circus memorabilia, so the Misty Clown series was a perfect fit for me. I'm still finishing Red Nose, but Tent and Carousel are now mounted and decorating me room! The one thing that makes these puzzles a challenge, though, is that the brand Heye has ribbon-cut pieces, which makes it even harder to find exactly where the piece goes."

Brenda (our buyer of awesome puzzles):

"I like everything from the name to the beautiful image. It is an image of a women with her head bowed in silent prayer. I think it looks peaceful." Time Well Spent is a 500-piece puzzle by artist Henry Lee Battle.

 Susan (Owner of Puzzle Warehouse):

"I like Pomegranate Kids puzzles. This Pool Cat is the first one I used at our summer Tennis Camp and the kids loved it. They are great quality puzzles with colors and images that pop out and seem to come alive when the puzzle is finished. The 300 piece count and larger format piece size were a perfect for the kids... but don't let that fool you, they are great puzzles for adults too!"    

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