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Tell Us Your Story

How do puzzles bring you joy?

We want to know your story! If there's one thing all of us can agree on - it's that puzzling is something everyone can enjoy, no matter your age or ability. Puzzle Warehouse is launching the Tell Us Your Story campaign to help spread the joy of jigsaw puzzles to a whole new generation.

To get you started here's some ideas: Tell us about the first time you did a jigsaw puzzle at Christmas with your family. Tell us about your struggle to finish the hardest puzzle you've ever attempted. Or how about the time you found the one missing piece in the freezer? The possibilities are endless. Get creative, and write as little or as much as you'd like.

Tell Us Your Story Below:

Submit your story by sending all to our email at support@puzzlewarehouse.com with an image of your puzzle you are completed or have completed or by posting on Facebook and Instagram then either tagging us @PuzzleWarehouse or using the hashtags #PuzzleWarehousePuzzles and #PuzzleWarehouseStory.

Any stories submitted to us may just be featured on the official Puzzle Warehouse Facebook or Instagram page and will receive a 10% discount code*

Questions? Call 866-539-4278 or Email Us and we'll be happy to help.

**Discount code will only be rewarded after reviewed**

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