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3 Reasons to Love Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are not just for kids. And you can see that just by looking into a jigsaw puzzle store, especially ours. You will see amazing pictures and huge complexity. You will see jigsaw puzzles with more than 10,000 pieces, images full of beautiful details, tiny pieces and other challenging features. But that’s not really a good reason, isn’t it? Just because there are some things out there that adults can do does not mean you should do it, and it certainly does not mean you should love to do it. 

With jigsaw puzzles, this is certainly not the case. They are a great way of spending free time. And perhaps one of the few left that do not turn you into a complete vegetable, but make you think more than usual while enjoying yourself. Everyone likes challenges, and jigsaw puzzles are the rewarding type. Jigsaw puzzles make you imagine, make you think and they make you smarter. Jean Piaget believed that intelligence was a form of adaptation, and jigsaw puzzles definitely make you adapt. If you regularly assemble jigsaw puzzles, you will develop some amazing skills that are very useful in everyday life. Your trained mind will think quicker for the everyday tasks and will allow you to adapt more easily to new situations. By thinking in a puzzle solving pattern, you will do a lot of thinks quicker. Just think of a simple thing to do, like fitting a pair of shoes in their box. It looks easy, but you would be surprised to see how many people have trouble getting it right for the first time.

 If you think about it, they are just like two pieces of a puzzle. They fit together, but there’s only one way to do so. Assembling jigsaw puzzles can be a family activity. You don’t have to go to your room, close the door and retire from the world in order to assemble your favorite jigsaw puzzle. Your whole family can help you do it, and by sharing such a wonderful moment you will spend some quality time with them!

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