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Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles

Unfortunately for the puzzle lovers, Van Gogh did not make jigsaw puzzles. But he did something much better: he painted. And he did a great job, as he is considered today one of the world’s greatest painters. The Dutch painter’s work has been categorized as post-impressionism by the critics, but the thing that matters the most, in Van Gogh's case, is not the glory his work has known after his death, but the tragedy that lead to it. If one tried to describe his life in only one phrase, that phrase would be: Glory is the sun of the dead. Nothing is less true in Van Gogh's case. He had a miserable life and suffered from anxiety, with frequent episodes of mental illness. And if that hadn’t been enough, he died young, at 37. Still, his paintings are true works of art. And, just like any other work of art, they are extremely rare and expensive. Fortunately, Puzzle Warehouse has a solution for all of the Vincent Van Gogh lovers who can't afford an original painting: Van Gogh jigsaw puzzles. These reproductions look nearly as good as the original and require you to put some work into their assembling. You won't undergo the whole process of creation, just like Van Gogh, but you'll get at least a part of the feeling painters get when they see a newly born world taking shape under their eyes with every brushstroke. Every piece you put in its right place will bring you closer to the painting and to Van Gogh's world.

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