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Winter Folk Art

Summer seems like the season for folk art, what with farms bursting in bloom and color. But winter makes just as great of a subject for folk artists, including Debbie Mumm and Jane Wooster Scott, who take their talents to the holiday season in these cheerful and fun snow scenes. Check out our selection below:


Turning Back the Clock by Ceaco. 750 pieces.

 Snowfall in in Goose Creek by Ceaco. 750 pieces.


Sweet Shoppe by Ceaco. 750 pieces.


Yuletide Cheer by Ceaco. 1000 pieces.


Santa's Workshop by Ceaco. 300 pieces.


Here Comes Santa by Ceaco. 300 pieces.


Winter Wonderland by Ceaco. 300 pieces.


Old Montreal by Dowdle Folk Art. 500 pieces.


Meeting the Train by SunsOut. 500 pieces.  

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