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World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzles

Ravensburger has added another monster-sized jigsaw puzzle to their ranks by introducing the brand new 32,252 piece puzzle titled "New York City" which features a composite of 65 different images to create the skyline view from the 61st floor of Rockefeller Center. 

 New York City. 32,256 pieces. 17' x 6'. Ravensburger, Clementoni, and Educa have all released some giant puzzles ranging between 9,000 and 33,600 pieces. Educa currently holds the award for world's largest jigsaw puzzle with "Wildlife" with artwork by Adrian Chesterman. 

 Wildlife by Educa. 33,600 pieces. Puzzle measures 18.75' x 5.16' when complete. The biggest jigsaw puzzles also have some of the best-detailed images from jungle scenes to fine art. Check out all of these beautiful, challenging puzzles and let us know what theme or image you'd love to have in 30,000 or more pieces!  

Astrology by Ravensburger. 9,000 pieces. Puzzle measures 54" x 76" when complete. 

The Last Supper by Clementoni. 13,200 pieces. Puzzle measures 9.5' x 4.5' when complete.

At the Watering Hole by Ravensburger. 18,000 pieces. Puzzle measures 108.5" x 75.5" when complete.

 Life, The Greatest Puzzle from Educa. 24,000 pieces. Puzzle measures 14' x 5' when complete.

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