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World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle on Display at Puzzle Warehouse

Ever wondered what the biggest puzzle ever would look like framed on a wall? Well, we've come close - we now have the second largest jigsaw in the world on display at Puzzle Warehouse. At 24,000 pieces and over 14 feet long, LIFE: The Great Challenge by Educa is one of the most detailed puzzles you will ever see.[/caption] See the FINISHED puzzle at our main store in St. Louis, MO - open 7 days per week. The puzzle was completed by several customers and is now on display down our longest isle - at over 14 feet long! The 24,000 piece monster was designed by Royce B. McClure. Called "LIFE: The Great Challenge," this puzzle is full of variety, color, activity, beauty, drama and above all - Life! A lot of the intricate detail won't be seen until the pieces are put together, rewarding the puzzlers with surprises as they work to complete the challenge. How does one go about designing this type of masterpiece?

When I was asked to design the artwork that would be used for the world's largest commercially made jigsaw puzzle, I sat down and had a good long think about it. Not whether or not I would do it (of course I would accept the challenge) but how to come up with a design that would do the concept justice...Challenging, but not impossible, lots of detail but still making a satisfying overall picture when completed." - Royce B. McClure

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