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New from Buffalo Games!

Buffalo Games has put some excellent new puzzles up on their website.  I’ve been collecting all of their Charles Wysocki cat puzzles, so I was happy to see two new ones.

“Remington the Horticulturist” by Charles Wysocki, 750 pieces


“Frederick the Literate” by Charles Wysocki, 750 pieces

There are also a number of Josephine Walls in 1000 pieces!  All the designs have been printed before (except, perhaps, The Race, which doesn’t look familiar). But if you don’t have them, Buffalo is a solid brand and the price is good compared to the out of print ones.  Also, I was excited to see “Queen of the Night” in 2000 pieces. Quite a challenge!

“The Race” by Josephine Wall, 1000 pieces

“Queen of the Night” by Josephine Wall, 2000 pieces

There’s also a nice new outdoorsy 1000 piece one from artist Darrel Bush.

“Canoe Lake” by Darrell Bush, 1000 pieces

See all the new releases on the Buffalo Games website here.


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