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Today we’re looking at kid puzzles that go beyond your basic puzzle. That’s right, I’m talking about interactive puzzles. My goal for this is to find puzzles that have an extra level of engagement so we can get more children into puzzling. I’m not going into the multitude of reasons why puzzles are beneficial. I’m sure if you’re a puzzle enthusiast, you already know many of these reasons.  And, in my opinion, it’s better to get them hooked on the joy of puzzling early on.  

When I say interactive puzzles, I mean puzzles that have the capability to be used in an innovative way once assembled. Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.  

Puzzle: Puzzle & Play: Jungle Exploration by Ravensburger  

Great for: kids who love imaginative play and storytelling  

Recommended ages: 4 & up  

First up is Puzzle & Play: Jungle Exploration by none other than Ravensburger. This contains not one, but two 24-piece puzzles.   

Jungle Exploration puzzle

Jungle Exploration by Ravensburger

Now, one thing I want to mention before I go on is that I’m only including the recommended age to use as a reference. Don’t dismiss any of the puzzles in this blog just because they don’t fit in your child’s age bracket. The focus is for children to interact with the puzzle so they can foster a love of them. If it’s a little too easy, so what;  a little boost in confidence never hurt anyone. If they need a little help, just enjoy the time you spend together on it.  

Okay back to Puzzle & Play Jungle Exploration. What makes this interactive? It’s literally a play in a box.  The images are printed on the inside of the puzzle lids. 


action pieces in the puzzle

It comes with everything you need to assemble your mini play including characters.  There’s plastic clips that you can use to stack the lids. A perfect backdrop for any play.  It also has larger blue clips to keep it from tipping over. They thought of everything. I mean how cute are these little characters?


playing with the puzzle

It’s fun making mini plays up.   

It's a play

Puzzle Warehouse also carries a princess version called The Donut Dragon for those of you who live with a little princess or a prince who likes dragons. You can check it out here.  

Puzzle: Puzzle & Play: Race Track Floor Puzzle and Play Set by Melissa & Doug  

Great for: kids who love to play with cars  

Recommended ages: 4 & up  

This is hands-down my most favorite puzzle for kids. I’ve been so excited to check out this one and in fact, this is the one that inspired me to explore all the interactive puzzles out there. Besides, who doesn’t love Melissa & Doug toys?!? Their high-quality children’s toys never disappoint and this puzzle is no exception.  Put it this way, I got two teenagers to wind up the cards and play this one. 

floor puzzle pieces

Race Track Floor Puzzle and Play Set by Melissa & Doug

The cool thing about this one is that it’s actually an oversized puzzle that turns into a road map.  


puzzle track with car

Have a car lover? This is for them. It comes with little cars that children can drive on the streets of their puzzle.  The puzzle has grooves in the roads to keep the cars on the road. It’s literally impossible not to play with this once it’s set up. I know from experience. 

car that comes with floor puzzle

two cars on the puzzle track

Be warned, they probably won’t want to disassemble this one.  

Puzzle: In the Jungle Book & Play Set by Melissa & Doug  

Great for: kids who love books  

Recommended ages: 2 & up  

Jungle book & play set puzzle

In the Jungle Book & Play Set  by Melissa & Doug

This wooden puzzle is a two-in-one where the top half is a wooden puzzle and the bottom half is a story.  

playset puzzle opened up

Read your preschooler a story and let them take the puzzle characters and insert them into the story as you read.  

Puzzle: Animal Chase I-Spy Wooden Gear Puzzle

Great for: kids who like to tinker  

Recommended ages: 3 & up  


animal gear puzzle

Animal Chase I-Spy Wooden Gear Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

This is another one by Melissa & Doug. It’s interactive, because it has gears that really make the animals move. 

Puzzle Warehouse carries a good selection of Melissa & Doug puzzles here including my honorable mention, a Double Sided seek & Find Puzzle.  So much fun…kind of like a kid’s version of Where’s Waldo.  

Mudpuppy Honorable Mentions  

Oceans We Go Together by Mudpuppy- It’s only 10 pieces, but don’t let that fool you. This one is interesting because all of the pieces have unique shapes and they all have to fit into one large space.  

I Can Be Anything Puzzle Sticks by Mudpuppy-This has 24 double-sided puzzle sticks. You can interchange them to make new puzzles. Instead of traditional puzzle pieces, they’re printed on stick-type pieces. This set even comes with a tray, too.  

Unicorn Dreams Scratch and Sniff Puzzle by Mudpuppy-Yeah, you heard me, “scratch and sniff”!!! How fun is this?!? I totally wish adult puzzles came in scratch and sniff versions. Although I might look a little weird smelling my puzzle while working on it, but I’m willing to take that risk. This 60-piece puzzle is a unicorn and castle lovers’ dream.  

Mudpuppy also makes the Cosmic Fruits Scratch and Sniff Puzzle. It has the same piece count as the Unicorn Dreams one, but a different theme and scent. Mmmmm!

Regardless of what you choose, next time when you’re thinking about getting a puzzle for a special kid in your life, consider these interactive puzzles, because they add that extra level of fun. But whatever you do, make time to puzzle. : )

 Jaime  @introvertedpuzzler

Puzzle Warehouse would like to introduce LUCA to our blog readers.  This program gives the gift of literacy to young readers.  Check out  kids' words ending A to Z

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Laura - PA

I love the race track puzzle! I haven't seen anything like it. Thank you!

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