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Oh My, Art Supplies!

Hello puzzle lovers! I’m back with some beautiful colorful puzzles by some more of my favorite puzzle artists!

There is something about a collection of art supplies that grabs my eye. The gradients are just so satisfying to admire and to puzzle. And so I have found myself with a collection of art supplies puzzles to be envied. Most of the art supplies that are featured in this blog are available for purchase from the store, but some are older and I wanted to include them in the theme.

selection of puzzles

Let’s start with Aimee Stewart - She released an image with Ravensburger called The Artist’s Desk back in 2017. She has an exclusive contract with Buffalo in North America so those of us in the US have had a hard time tracking this one down. So by popular demand, the image was re-released with Buffalo, titled Coloring Days.  

Coloring days puzzle

Coloring Days by Buffalo Games 

An instant success! I just love to see a water color paint palette. It’s filled with colored pencils and markers, paint swatches, a color wheel and a coloring book. And even some rainbow colored macaroons in the bottom left! Just heavenly. Even in the center on the bottom… I have never seen pencil shavings look so good! I always look forward to Aimee’s new releases. Some of her latest include Vintage Knitting and The Naturalist’s Collection, and I have a feeling there are more on the way!

Now it terms out Aimee’s husband Lars Stewart is also a popular and successful puzzle artist. And he also has an art supplies puzzle! It is called The Artist’s Palette by Ravensburger and it is even brighter and more colorful than the last! We have a gradient of paintbrushes, markers, pastels, acrylic paint, paint swatches and not one but TWO paint palettes. There are gradients galore and it makes my heart so happy! 

artist palette puzzle

The Artist’s Palette by Ravensburger

Another favorite artist, Shelley Davies, has a different take on art supplies. Her work includes paintings, collages and photographs that are bold, color-infused and 3 dimensional (per her website). I really loved Vintage Artist’s Materials from one of my favorite and seriously underrated brands, Schmidt

vintage artist's materials puzzle

Vintage Artist’s Materials by Schmidt 

The quality is so good! It has a nice matte finish, and varied piece shapes without any false fits. 

I found myself again drawn to the paint palette.

details of puzzle

I highly suggest you try! I took some close-up pictures because I just love all the tiny details. She includes her name hidden in the picture too! Do you see it?



more details

If Vintage Artist’s Materials is out of stock, you can enjoy one of Davies’ other collage puzzles: Vintage Board Games, Vintage Haberdashery, or Vintage Toys. (Hmmm...do I sense a theme?)  Davies also has an impressive range of puzzles with Cobble Hill, including her rainbow collection, which you’ll find by clicking Shelley Davies. 

Now I have to include Josie Lewis here as well. Painter’s Palette isn’t quite paint supplies, it’s globs of paint! But I have to include her. I love following her instagram account. She posts very satisfying reels of her art process and has come out with several puzzles with Buffalo! Most of them are watercolor paintings but the Painter’s Palette was really fun too! Many like minded puzzlers have noticed some of the paint globs resemble poo. šŸ’©  

painter's palette puzzle started

Maybe our maturity is lacking but the puzzle was even more fun/funny that way! The image includes another beautiful gradient that is just as fun to puzzle as it is to look at. 

progress on puzzle

painter's palette puzzle

Painter’s Palette by Buffalo Games

Josie Lewis has another 1500 piece count in Rainbow River Rocks, several 500 piece counts and even up to 2000 pieces. They are all equally colorful!

And in a return to general art supplies, I’m bringing it home with one of our childhood favorites, Crayola! Springbok has partnered with Crayola on several fun puzzles but Crayola Artist’s Table was perfect for the theme. Again the paint palette is what I was most drawn to! 

progress on puzzle

I really enjoyed the whole puzzle though. It has the wonky shapes Springbok is known for, text and colors galore. 

sizzors and smily face

puzzle almost done

finished puzzle image

Crayola by Springbok 

I also really enjoyed Dripping In Color, another gradient style image of colored crayons with the color dripping down.

dripping in color image

Dripping In Color by Springbok 

It seems the partnership with Crayola has been going on quite a while, as I was able to obtain a vintage Springbok from 1986, Crayola Freeway, at a thrift store

crayola freeway image

Springbok from 1986, Crayola Freeway

And I got RoseArt’s 1500 piece Art Supplies puzzle from 2017 at a local puzzle swap

art supplies image

Vintage Art Supplies by RoseArt 

Due to my lack in the artistic talent department, I enjoyed puzzling the art supplies even more than I’d enjoy making art with them, and I hope you enjoy them too!

See you next month! 

Alyssa @puzzlesatoz

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Iā€™m JaniceG. G. - Fullerton, CA

Thank you! I have always been aware of color being what catches my eye and then the scene. You notice a small glass that holds paint brushes, type of lettering. Good Blog.

5 Stars
Niki - California
5 Stars
Tamara Essler - Santa Clarita

I love the article! It is so like me also. I began oil painting at age 10. Have tried so many mediums. When I started puzzling, my choices in puzzles always became a way for me to paint pictures!

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