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Cheers! It’s World Cocktail Day!

Usually when I’m puzzling, my beverage of choice is usually a cup of tea or coffee. Not today! It is World Cocktail Day and am deciding between my traditional Gin and Tonic or if I want to try something a bit more fun. I’ve done plenty of puzzles with cocktails in the image but to be honest, this my first time celebrating this as a holiday, and only because I’ve now learned about it for this blog. Before we get into the puzzles, here’s a little history lesson.

The holiday is celebrated mostly in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK and started in 2006 by the International Bartenders Association. It is to commemorate the first definition of the term “cocktail.” “In 1806, The Balance and Columbian Repository coined the term “cocktail” as a stimulating liquor with a wide variety of sweets, waters, and bitters.” (Days of the Year, 2024) Among mixologists it is a global celebration for the artform. In the UK, Drinkaware uses the day to bring awareness to the effects of drinking and aims to reduce the harm that alcohol can have on people and families. So, whether you are celebrating with a mocktail or cocktail, cheers! (Also, please drink responsibly) 

Toasting Emily & friend


At a recent visit to San Diego for the USA Jigsaw Championships there were two signature cocktails we could enjoy at the cash bar; a Cobble Hill Apple Cobbler and a Ravensburger Razzle. I decided on the second option because it was a blueberry mojito. A blueberry mojito for the brand’s signature cocktail kind of makes sense. It’s sweet but not too sweet so would appeal to many people. It feels fancy and expensive which is fitting since the brand is considered more of a high-end brand. Plus it has the signature Ravensburger blue from their logo. This made me think if other brands had a signature cocktail what would they be? So here are a couple other brands and my (made) up Signature cocktails.

Umbrella Drinks puzzle

Umbrella Drinks by Masterpieces

Masterpieces: Strawberry Daquiri

Here’s my thought process behind this decision. First, Masterpieces has so many bright and colorful images, with a variety that will appear to most puzzlers. You know it will be a good time, but maybe after one or two you’ll take a break for a while to try a different brand. It may not be a very fancy drink, but it’s a popular drink and won’t really let you down. If Masterpieces was a happy hour special (Or on sale), I’d probably buy a few because it’s enjoyable. Also, can we appreciate how bright and colorful it is? This also goes for, Umbrella Drinks by Masterpieces which is just an explosion of color, so a Strawberry Daquiri seems fitting. 

rainbow cocktail puzzle

Rainbow Cocktails by Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games: Long Island Iced Tea

Buffalo Games is a brand that is tried and true for most people. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price point. For some puzzlers, it’s their brand of choice. A traditional Long Island has five different liquors in it which can be a dangerous drink since it doesn’t taste very strong. However, you’ll fall on your face after a couple. You may think, how in the world does this makes sense for the brand??? Well for me, buying Buffalo Games is always a slippery slope. Whenever I buy Buffalo Games, it’s never just one. Once, there was a good sale. Since I found a couple images that were on my wish list, I thought, well I’ll just add a couple more to get free shipping. Before I knew it a box of 12 puzzles was at my doorstep!!

It’s also a dangerous brand for me because they have so many fun images, and we know by now my one more piece button is stuck on… For this blog I did Rainbow Cocktails from their Blanc Series. The image was so much fun, and I thought I’d just do some sorting and go to bed. Wrong move – an hour later this puzzle was complete because I could not stop. What a fun image!!

Carbonated color puzzle

Carbonated Color by Springbok 

Springbok: Gin Fizz

Springbok is one of the oldest Jigsaw Puzzle brands still in production. Which made me want to go with a more classic drink. I decided on a Gin Fizz because it’s a love it or hate it drink. (It’s a Fizzy Gin based Lemonade) Many people are not a fan of gin as a liquor because it has a very strong taste, while for other’s they’d never go to anything else. Here is why it makes me think of Springbok. For Springbok lover’s, they really enjoy the unique fit and piece cut from the brand. This is also why other’s stay far away. They probably did one once and have never done them again. For me, I’m huge fan of both the brand and the drink. I know I will always enjoy it but must be in the right mood to take one out. 

Cocktails puzzle

Cocktails by Eurographics

Eurographics: Sweet Old Fashioned

A few reasons why I’m going with a Sweet Old Fashioned for this brand. First up, since Canadian Club is one of the most popular liquors for our northern friends, it makes for a great option for this Canadian based brand. It’s so popular here in the states, that we sometimes not notice, it’s not an American brand. A traditional old fashioned is not to everyone’s liking, but a Sweet Old Fashioned is delicious and will surprise you. For me Eurographics is one of those brands that is always there, you know it’s a good brand with so many cute images but can sometimes be looked over by something else. However, when you do one of their puzzles, you’re reminded that it really is a great brand! Good quality, fun images, and will appeal to many puzzlers. Maybe this is just me, but I often overlook this brand because I love trying newer things. But when I do one I love it. I’ve done several Eurographics recently, which has me eyeing Cocktails by Eurographics. This image looks like It’d be fun to hang up as a poster, if only we had some sort of mixology set up in our house.

Cocktail map of america puzzle

Cocktails Map of America by Galison

Galison: Hurricane

A hurricane is fruity, extra boozy, and can be so much fun!! It reminds me of going on vacation or in this case, I always enjoy myself when I do a Galison puzzle. This brand is widely loved because it has so many fun images that could appeal to everyone. I mean, just look at Cocktails Map of America. This was one of the first Galison puzzles I completed, and I loved it!! While the image is fun to look at afterwards, the cocktails may not be 100% correct. I believe this lined up with a Buzz Feed article and it seems a bit off. I grew up in Maine and have NEVER heard of a Dust to Dust. (Neither has anyone I’ve discussed this with).  

Like a Hurricane, which as two different types of rum, Galison has two puzzle brands.  Mudpuppy is also owned by Galison and is geared towards a younger audience. Which btw, a hurricane can easily be made into a Mocktail. Also, with the huge number of puzzles they have with super cute images, I can be swept away. (See what I did there??)

Squirrels at Cocktail Hour

Squirrels at Cocktail Hour by Goodway Puzzles

I could go on and on with other brands but I’m curious to know what brands you could think up? What cocktail would you choose for New York Puzzle Co or Goodway Puzzles?? Let me know in the comments! Also – here is a cocktail recipe I found for a Blueberrry Mojito, aka Ravensburger Razzel!! 

Emilee Frost @thecasualpuzzler

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Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

New York Puzzle Co would be a Manhattan...of course! Fun blog!

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Susan - GA

Cheers to a great blog!

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Matt - GA

This was very clever! Well done! 👍

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