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2015 Puzzles: Schmidt First Look!

The Schmidt puzzle site isn’t featuring these puzzles yet, but you can find them if you sort by ‘newest’. Here are at least some of the brand new images for 2015. Trust Schmidt to give us some excellent new fantasy puzzles! I don’t know when these puzzles will be available, but I’ll post when I find them.

“Fauchender Tiger”, “Heilige Kobra”, “Leuchtender Lowe”, and “Weise Eule” by artist Chris Saunders. All 1000 pieces

I’ve never seen artist Chris Saunders in puzzles before, but I find all of these fantasy images really interesting. I’ll definitely buy one and try it out.


“Mitternachtsrose” by artist (unspecified). 1000 pieces

An interesting new fantasy image. Schmidt’s website doesn’t name the artist and the style isn’t familiar to me.

“Circus Caravan” by artist Ciro Marchetti. 1000 pieces

Schmidt has done a number of Ciro Marchetti puzzles and here’s a new one from them. Nice!

“Engle im Sternenmeer” by artist (unknown). 500 pieces

“Feuerrtiger” by artist (unknown). 500 pieces

Two new fantasy puzzles in the 500 piece size.


“Traum im Universum” by artist (unknown). 1000 pieces

Another intriguing fantasy image.

“Balloonfahrt” by artist (unknown). 1000 pieces

Interesting vintage collage. This appears to be the same art source that’s behind Sunsout’s new puzzle “Majestic Kingdoms”.

“Gumperts Wimmelflugmaschine” by artist (unknown). 1000 pieces

A fun cartoon image.

 “Schwanenpaar”, “Traumhafter Wasserfall”, “Tal im goldenen Licht”, and “Paradiesische Bucht” all by artist Jon Rattenbury. 1000 pieces

This is a new artist to me, too, and these are beautiful painted landscape images.



 “Sonnenaufgang”, “Fernweh” and “Sommerspazierg” all by artist Phil Koch. 1000 pieces

I’m not a fan of photographic puzzles, but if I were, I’d be all over these! Great colors.


Four vertical flower puzzles, all by artist Alan Shapiro. 1000 pieces each

Vertical puzzles are always nice for a change up. These would make an interesting display if you did them all four and hung them together, no? They’re likely to be quite challenging with all the similar colors in each one.

“Gasschen am Come See” by artist Sam Park, 1000 pieces

Delikatessen der Provence” by artist (unspecified). 1000 pieces each

A couple of nice, European street scenes.


There are some very appealing new images here to me. What do you think?


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